HARNETT.net offers a wide spectrum of web development services to suit your online needs. From simple websites to dynamically driven websites, HARNETT.net has a solution to fit your needs.



In today's competitive market, the ability to provide measurable, highly integrated solutions is the differentiator among e-solutions providers. HARNETT.net's wide array of in-house capabilities results in a unique "relationship-based" service model. From consultation to design and implementation, a blend of creative and technical expertise results in complete solutions custom-designed to suit your company's needs. By integrating multiple disciplines - technical, business, and creative - into a cohesive system and offering solid client support, we can maintain your company's successful Internet presence for years to come.

One of our main goals is to educate our clients in today's emerging technologies and cutting-edge developments. In the rush to implement online solutions, companies must remember not to let the technology determine the scope of the process. We encourage our clients to exploit technology to enhance their business, not alter their aspirations to fit the technology. Our team has both the technical experience and design expertise needed to translate your business and e-commerce objectives into web sites that work. Whether this is your firm's first effort on the web or you need to add new functionality and life to a pre-existing site, we can help you make informed decisions concerning the types of solutions that meet your current, unique requirements and allow for future adaptability.

HARNETT.net offers a variety of Consulting, Web Development, Programming, Graphics and IT departments. This variety of services results in a streamlined workflow process, ensuring that projects are developed in tandem throughout the organization. This means lower costs and quicker turnaround times for our clients.

A web-based business must have at its core an understanding of end-user desires and thought patterns as well as the mechanism and design to satisfy those desires -- be they informational, entertaining, transactional or educational. Creativity, design and technical prowess characterize us as a strategic entity in on-line business solutions.

I build websites that work for your business. A web site that can do anything you want it to. Imagine a web site that is nice to look at, loads quickly, is simple to navigate and easy to find in search engines. Imagine a web site that gives visitors a reason to return, again and again. Can you see it? Good. Consider it done.

Whether you want a one-page presence with email links or a virtual storefront with Online, Real Time Credit card processing and an on-line catalogue, I can build it for you.

What you can expect:
The first step, before I suggest a concept or design of a website, I learn everything I can about you, your company, your products and especially your target market. In addition I can also research your online competition, the success of similar businesses that are already online and the trends of your target market to locate and purchase your products online. This enables you to satisfy your target market's needs and address concerns upon the initial launch of your web site.

Once the actual development of the web site begins, I will work with your organization through every step of the process providing as much or as little assistance as your organization requires. I can handle the entire project including concept, layout, product photography, text writing, and of course the programming of the site. I can also work with the information and images supplied by your organization or marketing firm.

Online Commerce:
If you want to sell your product online, you're going to need a secure means of doing so. I offer features like secure servers, and custom database integration. I will build a store that makes online transactions reliable, safe and easy for your customers, thereby building greater revenue for you.

Database Solutions:
Databases are a great way for your business to process and track information. They can be used in conjunction with online commerce, to secure client information or to track the progress of your sales force. A well-built database can take over the job of storing and compiling information, effectively freeing you to spend your time more productively. My database capabilities range from the simple to the elaborate, depending on your objectives.

Custom Programming:
I am well versed in the full range of computer languages enabling me to provide a complete interactive internet/intranet solution. My abilities include database design, dynamic live site pages, searchable indexes, online commerce solutions, client and customer online registration, or a completely new application specific to your unique requirements.

Web Site Maintenance:
The Internet is a dynamic media, constantly changing and evolving. For your company to stay ahead of the competition, I recognize that your web site also needs to constantly change and evolve. I make it easy for you to do so.

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